Introducing Black Label Live Rosin, Green Dot Labs’ First Solventless Extract

Our fans have been asking for us to release solventless extracts for years. But we have long avoided doing so because we were concerned that SHO couldn’t compare to the quality levels of the butane-extracted live resin we built our reputation on. Now, however, thanks to recent advancements in solventless extraction techniques, we are ready to unveil our first-ever solventless release: Black Label Live Rosin, developed from our exotic and exclusive Black Label varietals and featuring similar levels of purity and excellence that consumers have come to expect from our Black Label extracts.

We applied our obsessive commitment to cannabis to our first solventless offering, and the resulting Black Label Live Rosin is a truly unique, handcrafted expression of the cannabis plant. We selected heavy-hitting varietals from our extensive genetics library that produce abundant resins and feature the ideal trichome structures for this hands-on, intensive extraction method. These varietals are cultivated in-house before their terpene- and cannabinoid-rich trichome heads are carefully extracted by hand using artisanal cold water hash-making techniques. The trichomes are then exposed to a precise combination of heat and pressure to produce a vividly flavorful live rosin that features thousands of live trichome heads in every gram of product. It’s a true 21st century take on timeless hash-making traditions, a fusion of cutting-edge breeding practices and ancient extraction methodologies.

We are proud to offer you this new way to appreciate the distinctive flavors and vivid effects of our rare and exclusive cannabis varietals. It’s a modern-day take on the age-old hash traditions that have long inspired our work. It’s an honor to be preserving and elevating these extraction methods through innovative breeding and rigorous lab methodologies, and the product reflects our never-ending pursuit of pure and distinctive expressions of cannabis.

Due to its labor-intensive production process, our Black Label Live Rosin will only be available in small batches. Pick up a gram or two before they’re gone at Kind Love and A Cut Above in Denver. For up-to-date drop information, visit the “Find Our Products” page on our website.


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