Your Black Label Full Spectrum Extract Pen Questions, Answered

We’re passionate about sharing cannabis experiences that are pure, vivid and memorable. To help you make the most of our newest Black Label release, the FSE Pen, we’re answering some frequently asked questions. 

Q. What type of extract is in the cartridge?
A. Our carts are filled with the premium BHO we’re known for – no distillate or CO2 oil. Like all of our Black Label products, our full spectrum extract carts are produced in-house by GDL from seed to sauce.  

Q. Your carts aren’t cut? How does that work?
A. Our carts are filled with the same full spectrum extract that you know and love in dabbable form. The consistency is the result of a carefully calibrated extraction and refinement process – no fillers or cutting agents used ever. 

Q. Does your cart get that burnt taste when the oil is low?
A. GDL carts should taste great all the way through.We are proud to produce a pen that reflects our pursuit of pure, vivid expressions of the cannabis plant, and we stand behind each and every batch! 

Q. Why does it look like there’s less oil in some of the carts?
A. The molecular weight of the oil is unique to the varietal and the terpene/cannabinoid ratio of the plant. Each varietal we produce has a distinct fingerprint and its oil requires a unique fill level.  

Q. Do you sell batteries and carts separately?
A. We do. By selling our carts separately, we’re making it more affordable and less wasteful to explore the endless variety of effects and flavors from the GDL black label garden. 

Q. Are the pens available on Med or Rec? Where can I get one?
A. We are currently offering Black Label carts on rec, and Silver Label carts on med. Check out our website for drop locations.

Q. Are these compatible with my existing vape battery/any brand of battery?
A.Our carts are a standard 510 thread that works with most common batteries, but we recommend using our variable temp, GDL branded battery for ideal temp and optimal flavor. We recommend the White and Blue settings on the battery, as the Red setting is too hot for the delicate essential oils. 

Q. It seems like my cart is gumming up a bit – what should I do?
A. If the cart is on and you press the power button without pulling, a small amount of oil may get stuck in the mouthpiece. To clear any residue, gently stick a toothpick in the mouthpiece and wipe residue on a clean cloth. Repeat until the toothpick wipes clean.

Q. My battery is working and it’s definitely turned on, but I’m not getting a hit. What should I do?

A. If you’re using a GDL battery or a battery you know is compatible with our cartridge hardware, try screwing the cartridge base into the battery very tightly to ensure a good connection. If you’re not getting a hit, tighten the hardware components in the cartridge. Sometimes these pieces get loose.

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