Check Out Our Expanded Selection of Black Label Live Badder

Our cultivation and extraction facility has been working overtime lately on new and exciting expressions of our full spectrum extracts. In April, we launched our Black Label Full Spectrum Extract Pens, our first-ever line of vape cartridges. Then we unveiled Black Label Live Rosin, our first ever solventless extracts. Now we’re expanding our production of Live Badder, an entirely distinctive version of our full spectrum extracts that offers subtly different consistency, flavor experience, and effects than our well-known “rocks and sauce” FSE.

Live badder is created by emulsifying the essential oils of the whole, fresh-frozen cannabis plant. The process eradicates residual solvents and results in a concentrate that has a malleable, uniform consistency similar to wet cake batter. We find that this finish offers the ideal combination of ultra-rich flavor, potency, homogeneity, and next-level smoothness. GDL Black Label Live Badders are perfect for cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy the mouth-coating richness of live rosin and the vibrant flavor profiles of FSE. Add silky, homogenous smoothness and you’ve got GDL Live Badder!

We first delved into this world with the release of our Fatso badder in May, part of a suite of products we produced that month to celebrate the unparalleled hash-producing Cannarado varietal Fatso (GMO x Legend OG) — an impeccable showcase for the highest quality BHO production possible. With new releases that will eventually stretch to dozens of varietals, we’re doubling down on the technique, releasing badder in a variety of exclusive Black Label cuts from our genetic library.

Badder, with its uniform, emulsified consistency, may not have the eye-catching Instagrammable appeal of our FSE, with its terpene-drenched THC-a diamonds. But what badder lacks in bling it makes up for in smoothness and wild, unmatched flavor. Dave describes it as the rib eye of steaks. And unlike rocks and sauce, which requires the right balance of crystals and liquid in each dab and can get a little tough to handle, every dab of badder is easy to grab and is exactly the same with every dab – the perfect balance of terpenes, cannabinoids, and rich, velvety taste.

Sometimes it’s fun to be your own dabbing bartender, mixing and matching rocks and sauce in your dabs to customize a FSE cocktail exactly to taste. Other times, you want an easy, plush hit like a creamy sip of a rich English stout beer or a decadently round port. Our Black Label Live Badders offer outstanding depth and dimension, and we think you’ll agree that the results are as smooth and delicious as anything we’ve ever created.

To find out where you can pick up our badder, visit our “Find Our Products” page on our website.

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