Introducing Our Black Label Full Spectrum Extract Pens

Since we launched in 2014, the only way patients and consumers have been able to enjoy our extracts is by dabbing. That’s about to change, thanks to our new Black Label Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Pen line. Beginning April 18, both adult-use and medical cannabis consumers can enjoy the exotic genetics and exceptional flavors of our signature Black Label extracts in a low-profile pen format that’s easy to use anywhere and anytime. 

We’ve produced our Black Label line in-house from seed to sauce since 2014, and we’re humbled by the passionate following our dabbable extracts have inspired. We want as many people as possible to have the kind of transformative cannabis experiences that we’ve had with concentrates, and our new line of Black Label FSE pens makes that opportunity equally available to both novice consumers seeking a fantastic experience, and aficionados who want a convenient way to enjoy their favorite concentrates wherever they are. 

We have wanted to take this step for a long time, but we had to make sure we did it right. Now, thanks to our newly expanded, state-of-the-art cultivation and extraction lab – not to mention all the support and feedback we’ve received from our loyal fans – we’re ready to unveil our first line of pens.  

Black Label FSE Pens feature the diverse range of Black Label genetics that we have obsessively sourced and bred in house for years to achieve peak resin production and cannabinoid content. The result, after careful extraction and refinement, is a take-anywhere pen packed with the same distinctive flavor profiles and full-spectrum health and wellness benefits that have inspired Black Label live resin’s passionate following.  

Debut adult-use varietals include Infinity OG (Underdog OG x I95), Peach Brain Freeze (Friesland F3 x Peach Ozz), Soul Cleanser (Kush Cleaner x Chem 4), Whammy Bar (Lemonessence x Papaya), and Headbanger (Sour Diesel IBL x Biker Kush), while the first medical varietals include Blue Lotus (DJs Heirloom Blueberry Sativa x Snow Lotus), Paradise Island (Grease Monkey x Strawberry Queen), Lemonessence (Sour Diesel x Lemon Skunk), NYCD (Mexican Sativa x Afghani), and Dr. Who (Mad Scientist x Timewreck).  

Each 0.5-milliliter Black Label FSE Pen cartridge is filled with around 200 pulls of pure essential plant extract. The extracts showcase the plant’s native terpene and cannabinoid ratios and are free of any cutting agents, additives, or distillate. 

We selected the pen’s hardware components to ensure an optimal pull every time. The borosilicate glass cartridge features a ceramic heating element that tolerates higher temperatures, activating the extract’s full range of flavors and effects.  The variable-temp battery provides a customized balance of flavor and effect. The low setting delivers an intensely flavorful pull with lighter effects, and the medium setting offers a balanced combination of flavor and effect. Black Label FSE Pen cartridges and batteries will be sold separately, making it convenient and cost effective for our fans to experience a wide range of Black Label genetics in pen form. 

Starting the week of April 16, Black Label FSE Pens will be available at Kind Love and A Cut Above in Denver. Then, the week of April 23, the pens will debut in adult-use and medical dispensaries statewide. For up-to-date drop information, visit the “Find Our Products” page on our website. 

We are thrilled that our Black Label FSE Pens will allow us to showcase our unique approach to extracts to a whole new audience of cannabis consumers. But we also designed our pens to appeal to our longtime supporters. And rest assured: Our wide selection of Black Label live resin, designed for the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs, isn’t going anywhere! 

4 thoughts on “Introducing Our Black Label Full Spectrum Extract Pens

  1. I was given a gift of a Greendot vape pen purchased at a Wellness shop in Boulder, Co. But I have to tell you, I have no idea how to make it work – none. Should the battery be charged in a brand new pen? If not, I have a plug but no charger (which appears to have a unique kind of input) and no idea how to charge it. I screwed the cartridge in and pressed the button 5 times but no light (red, blue, whatever – there is no light so far as I can see) and not functioning. Bottom line? I have no idea how to make it work. Very frustrating.

    It was given to me without instructions except a box that indicated pressing the button 5 times to activate. But nothing.

    Do you have clear instructions you might provide? That might help a lot.


    • Hello,

      Typically our batteries do come with a charge, but sometimes they may need a charge up. The cable included will fit into any standard USB port (it looks odd I know!) and the smaller end will go into the base of the battery.

      After allowing it to charge for a couple hours, you can click it 5 times and it should turn on for you.

      We hope this helps!


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