Blue Lotus


DJ's Heirloom Blueberry x Snow Lotus

This Blue Lotus is from the very first pack of seeds we popped when we were getting started at Green Dot Labs. We cherish every last harvest we have of this beautiful plant. She smells like sweet blueberry pancakes and has one of the most prolific buzzes we’ve seen in cannabis. The blueberry adds a zen like calmness to the sativa lift form Bodhi’s Snow Lotus.

Blue Lotus is simply the best blueberry seed line.

Here we have a sativa-dominant phenotype that has a chin-up high and produces waves of euphoria. Many blueberry strains out there never really translate into true blueberry flavor; however, this one coats your mouth with blueberry muffin goodness. It is similar to how the UK Cheese translates in flavor.

We also have a Product 19 Blockhead dominant pheno. Almost an exact replica but she has a nice blueberry yogurt end to go with the candy heart/anise smell of the Blockhead parental unit. A deep and thought provoking high coats your mouth with a sweet chalky blueberry flavor.

A 3rd Blue Lotus pheno we have takes after the other half parental unit, Afgooey. Smells like cherry and the flavor translates as such. This pheno provides a deep afghani buzz rounded off with the blueberry effect leaving you feeling euphoric and happy to be alive. She has an appetite stimulating effect as well.

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