STS9 + Green Dot Labs Artifact Edition Limited Release: An Ode to Preservation and Change 

Hi all! Dave here, writing from the Green Dot Labs Cultivation HQ…


Alana and I have been following the legendary instrumental collective Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) for years. STS9 has a special way of creating jazzy electronic dreamscapes that are the perfect soundtrack for exploration. That feeling of discovery is part of their live shows too. We’ve been attending their shows since the early 2000s, and never miss the chance to see them when they make their way to Colorado.


A couple years ago, a mutual friend told Alana and me that our favorite band happened to love our Black Label extracts. It was exciting to realize that we shared an explorative spirit – Green Dot Labs is driven by a desire to advance the way humans experience cannabis.  We embrace new technologies and take deep journeys into genomics that lead to new interpretations of classic strains. STS9’s approach, with its relentless creativity and commitment to pushing boundaries, is much like our own.


I believe that music and cannabis live a truly harmonious existence. As we formed a friendship with STS9, we knew we wanted to explore this timeless connection together. With the band’s “Celebration of the First 20 Years” at Red Rocks this month, we realized we had the perfect opportunity to collaborate. We took our inspiration from a legendary STS9 album that has been a soundtrack to my life, Artifact. Inspired by the double vinyl re-release of this “ode to preservation and change,” we chose two limited releases that are, like the album itself, timeless classics.


For Vol. 1, we selected an OG Kush blend (Ghost + Hells Angels). Vol. 2 is a Chemdog blend (Chem4 + Stardawg). The Chemdog and OG families are vintage heirlooms of American cannabis culture. They withstand the test of time, and after decades of careful preservation, they remain among the most beloved of all cannabis varietals.


Both varietals share a legendary lineage. Chemdog and OG Kush are hybrids that mash up Afghani landraces—high altitude hash plants that enjoy intense UV rays from the sun. If you look up the pedigree of any potent cannabis (more than 20% THC), you will likely find Afghani hash plant ancestry.


Chemdogs and OGs are very high in THC and their voluptuous trichomes contain a high concentration of lipids. These lipids enhance the flavors and provide a mouth-coating feel and lingering finish. Because of their shared pedigree, these varietals both have savory profiles with notes of crude petroleum and that smell you get when you crack open a fresh can of tennis balls.


It’s been an honor to collaborate with STS9. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do. And don’t forget that there’s a golden ticket in one of those grams that will bring a lucky winner and a guest to Red Rocks for a pre-show dinner with the band and backstage access on Sept. 9! We can’t wait to see you all under the stars at Red Rocks this weekend.


– Dave Malone, Co-Founder of Green Dot Labs


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