Our Good Medicine CBD Project

Green Dot Labs has never been more excited and proud as we are to roll out our first highly therapeutic CBD concentrate line, Good Medicine (Harlequin x Appalachia), the genetics of which were developed by Bodhi Seeds. We grew out 16 different phenotypes between the first and second filial generation of the plant. The lab results proved a strong presence of both CBD and THC, ranging from 1:1 to 2:1 CBD:THC and providing over 800 mg of total cannabinoids per gram of concentrate!  The flavors of the Good Medicine concentrate range from bubble gum, mangoes, cherry and pine, a spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids that cease pain immediately and promote an intense sensation of relaxation.

The interaction and relationship between THC and CBD is continually being studied as we learn how the combination of cannabinoids can alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions. Most research has concluded that THC serves as a catalyst for your endocannabinoid system to uptake more CBD than you could with just CBD by itself. The proof lies in the pudding so to speak in these concentrates, and your feedback will be key in helping us identify how to continue to provide the best medical marijuana concentrates to Colorado medical marijuana patients.

We believe there are many undiscovered medicinal applications for a full spectrum of cannabinoids ranging from the treatment of the physical withdrawal symptoms stemming from opiate addiction, to treating alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and safe pain management. This is just the beginning of our journey to explore and unlock the potential of a full cannabinoid spectrum. We really hope you enjoy this medicine. We hope to hear about your personal experience with these concentrates. Please contact us through our website, Facebook messenger, Instagram, or info@greendotlabs.com.

Please check out the pictures of the flowering plants, it’s subsequent concentrate form, and the lab test results from Steep Hill Halent in Denver.  Click on the photos to see a higher quality image.

In health and happiness,
Green Dot Labs

Good Medicine Grown By Green Dot Labs
Good Medicine Grown by Green Dot Labs
Good Medicine Flower Pic
GM Con 3
Good Medicine CBD Concentrate
Sappy Good Medicine Concentrate
GM2 Test Result

One thought on “Our Good Medicine CBD Project

  1. I am a MMJ patient in Washington state. I am very impressed with your adherence to quality and customer service. Also impressed with your strains and products. DO YOU KNOW OF AN EQUIVALENT LAB IN WASHINGTON STATE or dispensaries in Washington state that carry equivalent-quality products? Thanking you in advance ~~

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