Gunslinger Flower

January is Gunslinger Month

We’re kicking off 2019 with a deliciously fruity new Black Label varietal feature! January is Gunslinger (Starfighter x Stardawg) Month, highlighting our classic watermelon chem.

It may be the middle of winter, but Gunslinger is a classic taste of summer, with an unmistakable watermelon gummy and ripe fresh watermelon flavor profile.

A can’t-miss for both fruit and chem lovers, Gunslinger was bred by Greenpoint Seeds using GDL Founder Dave Malone’s F1 Stardawg. A staple of our genetic library, Stardawg F1 was one of the first strains ever produced under our Black Label line and is the dad for both Gunslinger and Copper Chem, another classic Black Label varietal.

Gunslinger is a terpene-producing powerhouse beloved for its vivid fruity flavor. The uplifting, euphoric, clear-headed effects make it a versatile choice well suited for any activity. 

Throughout the month of January, Gunslinger will be available from select retailers in three finishes: Full Spectrum Extract (FSE), Live Badder, and FSE Cartridges. Find a retailer near you from the list (updated weekly) below and share your experience on Instagram by posting with @greendotlabsboulder and #GunslingerMonth.

Gunslinger Month Retailers:

A Cut Above (Denver)

Best Day Ever (Aspen)

Botanico (Denver)

Boulder Wellness (Boulder)

Billo (Steamboat Springs)

Cherry Peak Dispensary Mississippi (Denver)

Chronic Therapy (Cortez)

Colorado Harvest Company Broadway (Denver)

Den Rec Larimer (Denver)

Diego Pellicer (Denver)

Doctor’s Orders (Pueblo West)

Eclipse Cannabis Company (Boulder)

Green Dream (Boulder)

The Greenery (Durango)

The Growing Kitchen (Boulder)

Harvest House (Nederland)

Karing Kind (Denver)

Kind Love (Denver)

Krystaleaves (Commerce City)

L’Eagle (Denver)

Life Flower (Denver)

Local Product of Colorado (Denver)

The Lodge Federal & High St. (Denver)

Lucy Sky Broadway (Denver)

Mile High Green Cross (Denver)

Natural Selections (Denver)

Nature’s Kiss (Denver)

The Giving Tree (Denver)

The Peaceful Choice (Boulder)

Peak Dispensary (Denver)

Reefer Madness (Denver)

Rocky Mountain Cannabis (Gunnison)

Soma Wellness (Gunnison)

Starbuds (Louisville)

WolfPac Cannabis Federal (Denver)

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