Green Dot Labs Announces Flower Preview Release

Green Dot Labs is proud to announce our first ever release of flower from our Black Label genetic library. This limited preview release represents years of passionate exploration of nature’s more perfect plant and her endless possibilities while highlighting our next chapter of expansion in Colorado and our ongoing investment in our home state’s thriving cannabis culture.

We have dedicated our lives to breeding and growing exceptional weed, and while GDL has grown and evolved, our internal compass has always centered around the cannabis plant. Our flower is a reflection of our lifelong passion and commitment to showcasing cannabis of the highest quality without any compromises or shortcuts.

On Saturday, September 7, consumers will have their first opportunity to taste our 21st Century Hashplants in their original form – the sticky, intensely flavorful buds that make our coveted Black Label hash.

The varietals we selected for the release tell the story of our breeding program with two phenotypes of Garlic Banger (Headbanger x HSB) – 6 and 9 – and Lemon Wreath (Chem Brûlée x Secret Kush Mints). Every batch reflects our quality in, quality out ethos.

The obsessive care and attention to detail that begins in the garden guides every step of our process, whether we’re curing flower or preserving extracted resin. For flower, our plants are harvested on the earlier side, resulting in a more pronounced flavor, a euphoric, heady high, and a quicker recovery time. After harvest, the flowers are trimmed by hand to prevent bumps and bruises and are cured within strictly controlled conditions in a process we have fine-tuned over many years. The result is a velvety smooth smoke with a clean white ash. It’s gentle on the throat and lungs, letting you appreciate the hash-like flavor and keep smoking until you’re satisfied.

Our flower is grown, trimmed, and cured by GDL team members driven by their passion for cannabis, for those who love weed as much as we do. As we celebrate our fifth year making hash in Colorado, we’re thrilled to give you a taste of the incredible plant that inspires us every day. We love weed, and we only grow what we would smoke ourselves. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Green Dot Labs flower will be available on Saturday, September 7 at the retailers below. Sign up to receive emails from GDL or follow @greendotlabsboulder for the latest news and info on this and all of our upcoming releases.

Flower Preview Release Retailers:

Kind Love (Denver)

A Cut Above (Denver)

LivWell on Pearl (Denver)

Mile High Green Cross (Denver)

Colorado Harvest Company Broadway (Denver)

Eclipse Cannabis Company (Boulder)

Vert’s Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins)

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