Green Dot Labs Black Label Flower Release

Cherry Lime Soda

We’re closing out 2020 the best way we know how – with a New Year’s Eve Black Label Flower release!

This is our first Black Label Flower drop since our Flower Relief initiative this April, which provided flower at no cost to first responders, frontline workers, and others affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The New Year’s Eve 2020 Release invites you to send 2020 on and welcome 2021 in true GDL style, with the most perfect smoke possible.

We have dedicated our lives to breeding and growing exceptional weed. The flower from the Black Label garden is a pure expression of our lifelong passion for the plant and commitment to producing cannabis products of the highest quality without compromises or shortcuts.

This flower release gives consumers another coveted taste our 21st Century Hashplants in their original form – the sticky, intensely flavorful flower that we use to produce our coveted Black Label concentrates. Every batch reflects our quality in, quality out ethos.

We’re featuring the following GDL exclusive varietals in this ultra-limited, one day only release.

Cherry Lime Soda 

Palate: Sour Cherry Limeade

Red Rose

Palate: Red Roses, Musky Berries

Reba Jam

Palate: Tangerine, Sour Fuel

Sour Animal

Palate: Animal Crackers, Fuel

TKD #13

Palate: Chem, Onion, Black Pepper

TKD #13

The obsessive care and attention to detail that begins in the garden drives every step of our process, whether we’re curing flower or preserving extracted resin. For flower, our plants are harvested on the earlier side, resulting in a more pronounced flavor, a euphoric, heady high, and a quicker recovery time. After harvest, the flowers are trimmed by hand to prevent bumps and bruises and are cured within strictly controlled conditions in a process we have fine-tuned over many years. The result is a velvety smooth smoke with a clean white ash. It’s gentle on the throat and lungs, letting you appreciate the hash-like flavor and keep smoking until you’re satisfied.

Our flower is grown, trimmed, and cured with care for those who love weed as much as we do. We only grow the weed we would smoke ourselves, and it’s a pleasure to share it with you.

Ultra-limited amounts of Green Dot Labs’ Black Label Flower will be available in collectors’ edition, reusable quarter ounce jars on Thursday, December 31, when doors open at the retailers below. Contact your local Black Label Flower Release partner for pricing and availability and follow @greendotlabsboulder for the latest news and info on this and all of our upcoming releases.

Flower Preview Release Retailers:

A Cut Above (Denver)

Colorado Harvest Company Broadway (Denver)

Green Dragon (Boulder)

Kind Love (Denver)

Lucy Sky Federal & Broadway (Denver)

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