Black Label Experience Tasting Flight Guide

The varietals in your Black Label Tasting Flight share a common flavor note, though they might otherwise taste and smell very different. Try this simple taste test to make the most of your Black Label Tasting Experience and deepen your understanding of the rich, nuanced flavors of full spectrum extracts.

Step 1: Dry Pull Test
With the battery set to off, take a few pulls from your cart. What is your first impression of the flavor?

Step 2: Vapor Test
Turn your GDL-branded battery on (5 clicks). Enter ultra-low temp “Sesh Mode” (2 clicks) for optimal flavor with minimal effects. Take your time between each step and restart Sesh Mode (2 clicks) as needed.

  1. Inhale to take a comfortable pull. Hold the vapor in your mouth for 3-4 seconds and exhale.
  2. Take a deeper, longer pull and exhale the vapor rapidly through your mouth and nose.
  3. Take a medium pull and exhale all the vapor rapidly through your mouth.

When you’re done, click the button five times to turn the battery off.

Step 3: Reflect & Take Notes
Think about the flavors and aromas you just experienced. Did the flavors evolve or linger? Did the tasting spark any memories, images, or emotions (good or bad)? Note where you felt the flavors throughout your mouth and nose. Add this info to your tasting notes.

  • Compare your notes to the tasting notes on the packaging. How was your tasting the same or different?
    Find time later to repeat the taste test and take notes. Compare your experience this time to the last. Were some flavors more intense or entirely new?

Keep tasting and taking notes over time. Your palate will become more refined over time, revealing a world of subtle flavors from the dozens of terpenes present in the raw essential oils of cannabis and adding a new level of enjoyment to your experience.

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