Culture Magazine Review

Check out one of Green Dot Labs’ first reviews, featured in Culture Magazine’s Concentrate Month! The Yeti OG F3 (Loompa’s Headband BX1 F3) is one of the most special and potent strains of cannabis we grow in our garden.

“Green Dot Labs’ whole plant extraction and homogenization process provides the truest representation of the plant in this incredibly unique form of shatter. They oversee the entire process from the growth of the flowers to the creation of the concentrate before providing their product to local dispensaries like Elevate Wellness in Denver. It took more than five years of extensive breeding to create the Yeti OG strain of industrial strength medicine and the process was well worth it. This shatter comes in a carefully sealed pouch; outside of the packaging, it is a beautifully translucent pure amber color with a mild sweet scent. It carries a savory pine sap flavor with an underlying hashish taste. The effects begin to set in soon after smoking and include a complete body effect and a mind buzz that last for hours, an amazing combination for chronic pain or insomnia.”


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