The Art of Flower: Picasso and Monet Drop This Weekend

Light up with creative inspiration as two of our favorite artist-inspired branded strains make their return this weekend.  Picasso (Chem Brulee x Garlic Banger) and Monet (Flo Z x Candy Cake) Black Label Flower are museum-worthy smokes, with impressionistic flavors that are designed to inspire and intrigue.

Much like its namesake, Picasso offers a totally fresh look at the familiar. We took classic lemon and gas terps and shifted them into intensely savory territory for something that feels at once familiar and new. The strain boasts an unforgettable combination of potent sunny lemony-gassy terps with funky garlic undertones, delivering a powerful, balanced high that makes this a daily driver for many on our team.

Mirroring the tranquil beauty of impressionist art landscapes, Monet finds the sublime in our local surroundings. Our Monet takes its inspiration from Colorado’s cannabis landscape, preserving and enhancing the legendary candied floral flavor of local legend Flo for a new generation of connoisseurs. With candied floral terps that sparkle with hints of licorice flavor, this masterpiece imparts a heady, euphoric high that invites you to see beauty in the world around you. This is bud with beauty that’s worthy of a painting, though you won’t find it in its namesake’s famous garden at Giverny in France.

Picasso Black Label Flower

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