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GDL Flower Relief

In this difficult time, it is an incredible gift to be able to continue showing up to do the work we love with the plant and the people that inspire us every single day. Now more than ever, we want to share our work with you and bring positivity to our amazing community.

To offer our deep gratitude for the many people putting themselves at risk to provide caring services during the outbreak, and in support of those who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, GDL will be donating hundreds of quarter ounce jars of our rarely released Black Label Flower.

Now through April 8, you are invited to nominate someone on the front lines in the fight against coronavirus who could really use some of our amazing flower right now. We will be giving away premium pre-packaged quarter ounces of flower to people who are working hard to protect our community, burning the midnight oil to keep essential services alive, or who have lost their jobs and businesses. Nominees could be medical professionals, public works personnel, essential business staff, workers and business owners personally affected by government measures, struggling parents, or anyone whose life has been seriously impacted by the outbreak… and could use some compassionate relief from Green Dot Labs!

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Tell us about the person you are nominating and why you think a free quarter ounce of Black Label Flower can help ease their pain or worries. We’re accepting nominations until Wednesday, April 8 via our nomination form.

Nominees will be contacted to confirm their personal details on April 9 and our flower recipients will be contacted on April 10 to coordinate pickup at a Denver-area dispensary on April 11.

To qualify, entrants and nominees must be 21 or older with valid government identification, and recipients must be in the Denver area and able to visit our retail partner on April 11.*

It is our intent to get our flower into the hands of those who need it most. We also hope this inspires you to use what you have to help those in need.

You can get also get involved by helping us spread the word on social. Tell us more about your nominee and encourage others to nominate by linking to the form, tagging @greendotlabsboulder on Instagram, and using the hashtag #GDLFlowerRelief anywhere you post.

*Locations will be shared with confirmed recipients. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

6 thoughts on “GDL Flower Relief

  1. I would like to nominate my husband, Derrick Thiem. He goes into work 5 days a week at 4am to Walmart. He is on the front lines of the frenzy and fear this virus has created, and often times goes out of his way to ensure customers (especially the elderly) are getting what they need. Unlike health care workers, he isn’t provided with any safety gear like a mask or gloves and comes into contact with ALL of the public – old, young, sick, healthy – as he is still an essential worker- so he continues to show up. He also continues to show up as an excellent husband to me and father to our 3 children, often times bringing me flowers unexpectedly, just because he knows it makes me smile- helping the kids with their homework, taking them on ride bikes, coaching their school sports teams – he’s even an amazing cook! He also deals with chronic knee pain and Green dot has been his favorite for relief since all you guys made was shatter. I work at a restaurant that has since closed down because of all of this, and our anniversary is coming up (4/20) so this would be so special for him to get to have as I haven’t been able to do anything special for such an amazing, important human.

  2. My guy jay out here working at sprouts keeping shelves stocked with all the fresh veggies and such and hours been killing him. He sure could use the extra hook up during these rough times

  3. My good buddy Timothy Lowery has definitely affected by the virus! His girlfriend and him were both layed off and both can’t get any assistance! They are great people that both live in the Denver area! @ky_proud_grow is his ig, his number is 8592271974 if you would like to call him and chat or if you possibly even have positions available. But I would like to nominate him, it would help him alot!

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