Black Label Flower Release 2.10.24: Blü Frōōt and Cherry Lime Soda

Among the cannabis plant’s endless flavor possibilities, fruit-forward cultivars get short shrift for lack of complexity or poor performance in the garden. But with the proper attention and care, fruity strains are incredibly rewarding to create, grow and smoke. Painstaking breeding projects that cross the juiciest-tasting cultivars with brawny, high-yielding heavyweights can yield incredible results, producing extraordinarily delicious hybrids with gorgeously complex, fresh-picked flavor, exceptional resin production and outstanding productivity in the grow.

This weekend’s Black Label Flower release features two original GDL cultivars that reflect our dedication to breeding powerful, high-performing, fruit-forward cultivars that delight and intrigue. Colorado budtenders’ favorite strain of 2023, Blü Frõõt (Sex on the Beach x Black and Blue) is a stunning slice of smokeable blueberry cheesecake that resulted from our efforts to produce a blueberry strain that made beautiful solventless hash. Cherry Lime Soda (Citradelic Sunset x Cherry Fluff) combines two gorgeous, ultra-distinctive strains that evoke memories of summery cherry limeade poured over crushed ice, with a hint of haze that has been known to change the mind of the staunchest haze haters.

You can find both of this week’s expertly grown, perfectly cured, hand-trimmed Black Label Flower cultivars at the Colorado retailers listed below starting on Saturday, February 10.

Cherry Lime Soda (Citradelic Sunset x Cherry Fluff) Black Label Flower

Cherry Lime Soda (Citradelic Sunset x Cherry Fluff) Black Label Flower


Blü Frōōt
Cherry Lime Soda
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