Black Label Flower Release 11.18.23 Monet, Reba Jam and G

This weekend’s Black Label Flower release features two strains inspired by creative geniuses and our latest bred-and-grown-by-GDL obsession. You can find this week’s cultivars at the stores listed below, and check out our drop list for day-of details including available jar sizes and new strains to explore in the form of carts, dabs and premium smokeables.

Featured Cultivars

(Pirate Milk x ROYGBIV Red)

Authentic Ohio G13, Grapefruit Rinds

Monet (Flo Z x Candy Cake)

Red & Black Licorice

Reba Jam (Jilly 13 x I-95)

Tangerine, Sour Fuel

Reba Jam
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