Black Label Flower Release: Amsterdam ’97

This weeks’ Black Label Flower release features a brand new flower strain that we can’t wait for you to try. Amsterdam ’97 (Cherry Fluff x Candy Cake) is a sophisticated, next generation classic that tastes like fresh leather, oak and cherry liqueur. It is an homage to the vintage coffee shop vibration from a different time and place – a cultural revolution rooted in a pure and open love for the plant that collided with an epic moment in the history of Phish.

Be the first to smoke our expertly grown, perfectly cured, hand-trimmed Amsterdam ’97 Black Label Flower when it drops at the stores listed below on Saturday, February 4.

The 64 Store (MED)
A Cut Above (MED & REC) *Denver & Colorado Springs
Allgreens (MED & REC)
Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill (MED & REC)
Boulder Wellness (MED & REC)
Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe (REC) *Canosa, RiNo
Canna Cabinet (REC)
Cannabicare (REC)
Colorado Harvest Company (REC) *Broadway, Kalamath, Yale
Chronic Therapy (REC)
Cookies Denver (REC) *Commerce City, Broadway
Doc’s (REC)
Eclipse (MED & REC)
Elevated Longmont (REC)
Golden Meds (REC) *Lakewood
Green Dragon (MED & REC) *Fort Collins Smithfield, Thornton
Green Pharm (REC)
Green Valley Dispensary (REC)
Grow Life (MED & REC)
Herbal Healing (MED)
High Country Healing Vail (REC)
High Q (REC)
Higher Grade (MED & REC) *38th, Elati, Galena
Horizon Cannabis (MED & REC)
Karing Kind (REC)
Kind Love (MED & REC) *Alameda, Peoria
Kind Meds (MED)
Kinfolk Farms (REC)
Lakeshore Cannabis (REC)
Lightshade (REC)
Lucky Monkey Buds (REC)
Lucy Sky (REC)
Magnolia Rd. (MED & REC) *Boulder (MED only), Broomfield
Maikoh Holistics (REC)
Pig n Whistle (REC)
Mana Supply (REC)
Medicine Man(REC) *Aurora, Denver, Longmont, Thornton
Nature’s Kiss (REC)
Oasis Cannabis Superstore (MED & REC) *44th, Evans
Peak (REC) *Broadway, Sedgwick
Potco (MED)
Reefer Madness (MED & REC)
Rocky Mountain Blaze (REC)
Rocky Road (REC) *Aurora, Thornton, Vail
Roots RX (REC) * Basalt, Edwards
Simply Pure (REC)
Sweet Leaf Pioneer (REC)
Smokey’s 420 (REC) *Garden City
Solace Meds (REC) *Fort Collins
Spark (MED & REC)
Doctor’s Orders Stem Beach (REC)
The Green Solution (REC) *Fort Collins, Malley
The Dab (REC)
The Farm (REC)
Verde Natural (REC) *Boulder, Denver
Wolfpac (REC) *Pueblo West

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