A Very Special 26:1 CBD Project with Natural Mystic Caregivers

We here at Green Dot Labs don’t always take on outside projects, but when we do it is for someone very special, like a 3 month old medical marijuana patient suffering from an extremely rare brain disorder.

The condition is Semilobar Holoprosencephaly, a rare congenital brain malformation resulting from incomplete separation of the two hemispheres. While the disorder cannot be completely cured, the symptoms can be effectively managed with doses of high CBD medical marijuana.

The family moved to Colorado in hopes of finding medicine strong enough to help with his 300+ seizures per day, and they came to the right place.

Natural Mystic Caregivers (NMC), through a seed run of a strain called Cannatonic, identified a 26:1 CBD:THC phenotype which is the perfect CBD ratio for a very young patient. They were contacted by this patient’s family and their doctor and were asked to coordinate the production of this cannabis strain into an olive oil-suspended CBD concentrate with a dosage of 1 mg of cannabinoids to be dispensed per day.

Green Dot Labs extracted the cannabis oil out of this Cannatonic strain provided by NMC, decarboxylated it to activate the cannabinoids, and diluted it with organic extra virgin olive oil to provide almost 1500 daily doses of 1 mg cannabinoid EVOO solution.

We’re happy to report the seizures were dramatically reduced, and this 26:1 CBD strain will continue to help more patients with similar symptoms. Patients with Epilepsy, Migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, cancer and cancerous tumors have all been found to benefit from medicine like this. More so they should all have access to medicine this effective. And if we have anything to do with it, they soon will.

Special thanks to Natural Mystic Caregivers, our industrial hygienist, CMT Laboratories and Danielle Pfaff from Elevate Wellness Center for their help with the various pieces of this project.

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