Bubba Wreck

These make some really tasty concentrates for that after dinner treat for all you Bubba Kush fans out there.

This Bubba Wreck really showed a lot of interesting plants. We found one plant that really smells like mint chocolate as well as some that had a nice lemon lime greasy funk going on.

Wookie Cookies

This Wookie Cookies Sap has one of the deepest, most complex flavors we have ever seen in a concentrate. Every tastes unlocks the different layers of flavor ranging from fresh buttery sugar cookies to a sour purplyy floral grapefruit finish. Truly unreal.

Flower photos coming soon…


The Dutchess is a beautiful Alien Kush f2 hybrid. If you are a fan of Golden Goat, you will love this strain. She smells like the Golden Goat and has an extremely loud cherry fuel smell. Every flavor of the rainbow is encompassed in these Dutchess plants.