Under-D OG

Under-D OG

aka Loompa's Headband

Fermented Lemon, Fuel, Skunk

If you were to ask us what is the absolute dankest strain we have in our arsenal, it would be, without the slightest hesitation, the Underdawg OG (aka Loompa’s Headband).

We are die hard OG Kush enthusiasts at Green Dot Labs. We have collected the vast majority of F1 OG Kush plants in circulation and the Underdawg OG categorically stands head and shoulders above all the others. Potency, aroma, yield, flavor, you name it, she shines through and through. We consider this the ultimate phenotype/chemotype of ALL things floating around in the cannabis world.

It’s full on OG season here in the lab. We have massive runs of the SFV, Hells Angels, Triangle Kush, Tre OG, Underdawg OG, and several other OG hybrids, all of which were grown to the highest quality we possibly can get them to be.

Be ready to have your mind blown folks…

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