Sour Bubble BX1 IX3

Here is the phenotype of DMT that we believe to be the cream of the crop. The photo to the left was taken at 105 days of the vegetative cycle. We have her all bent over to promote more growth as we would like to take ~50 cuttings so that we can have an actual production run. We are projecting these cuts will be available in about 50 more days. Then the additional 200 day life cycle starts.

The absurd vegetative and flowering times for this pure indica are believed to be a recessive trait from prehistoric times…before landmasses shifted to new elevations and latitudes. This rare phenotype likely used to be a sativa that adapted to climate and geographical changes over many years. This strain is genuinely unique cannabis.

Over 200 days of hard work has come down to this perfect “pull-n-stretch” DMT concentrate. The texture is absolutely perfect and the flavor is that of tiramisu, dark chocolate, and a sharp super glue note. For those of you who want the ultimate pure indica experience in concentrate form, this DMT is EXACTLY what you need.

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