White Label Services


Third Party Processing For Licensed Colorado Dispensaries

Green Dot Labs processes marijuana for licensed medical and recreational dispensaries in Colorado. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality extracts for your dispensary. We offer a free consultation for interested dispensaries to help educate in our extraction processes and to ensure dispensaries are providing patients with the highest quality extracts possible. We book up fast so please read below and contact us to get started.

What you can expect:

    • FREE CONSULTATION: Before we begin processing for your facility, Green Dot offers a free consultation; post-processing feedback to help optimize your product and profit margin, in-store training for staff on how to handle and sell concentrates, and more!

  • 10 DAY TURNAROUND: We’ve heard stories of other BHO extractors taking their sweet time with the run, letting the client’s supply sit around for months as it gradually loses quality. The best time to extract cannabis is when it’s at its peak freshness, to preserve the natural flavor and potency, and at Green Dot Labs, that’s the only time we’ll run it.
  • GORGEOUS PACKAGING: Our classy cannabis oil vessels will not only look good on the shelf, they’ll also contain unique information about the concentrates inside.
  • 3-STEP QC MEASURES: Every run of our your product gets the same treatment our lab technicians give our own. We use three rigorous steps to quality control every run to produce only the cleanest, freshest cannabis extract.
  • DETAILED EXTRACTION LOG: We provide data rich extraction logs upon delivery and are always available for questions and feedback.

What sets us apart?

  1. We maintain the same care and integrity using your material as we do our own.
  2. We provide valuable feedback upon the first delivery and are always available to help you optimize product options.
  3. We do not take in product that cannot be run within a reasonable time frame. Your product will never sit in our lab for weeks, deteriorating in quality. We generally run your material within 24-72 hours of receiving it, and return it within 3 weeks.
  4. We use a low temperature purge that may take up to 72 hours to purge residual solvents. The low temperature ensures terpenoid retention and the extensive time ensures maximum eradication of residual solvent.
  5. We uphold a 3 step QC process after the product is removed from the vacuum oven. Our production team is astute in providing untouched, quality assured grams that we stand behind.

If you would like to submit a processing request, please be ready with photocopies of the following:

  • MMC State License
  • OPC State License
  • Retail Sales Tax License

Get started today

For Your Information:

* We do not process sick or infested plants:
If the supplied product comes to us full of mites or mildew, we cannot allow it in our pristine labs, and we will graciously decline to run it.

* Your final product is a result of the product you supply:
As the quality of the starting material accounts for up to 85% of the quality of the concentrate, we are not responsible for the output. Whatever the quality of the product you provide, we will return commensurate concentrate.

* We do not process for non-licensed growers:
Please do not contact us if you are not registered to grow and/or sell marijuana.

* Pricing varies depending on volume, runs, and type of material.