Introducing Sex on the Beach

At Green Dot Labs, we are on a quest to uncover and share the most exotic and exciting flavor profiles possible in the cannabis plant. This mission drives our breeding program, which draws on a vast library of cornerstone cannabis genetics and varietals with distinctive, unusual terpene profiles rarely seen in today’s market to create unusual, intensely flavorful 21st century hash plants that evoke a wide range of sensory experiences. 

Out of the hundreds of crosses bred and meticulously pheno hunted in our facility in Boulder, Colorado, more than 60 have been introduced to consumers under our Black Label line of grown and extracted in-house concentrates.  Of those, a few varietals stand out as standard-bearers with a permanent place among our offerings.  

Now, we are celebrating these signature Green Dot Labs varietals in a series of releases that put the one of a kind nature of our most compelling strains front and center. Concentrates from each selection will be presented in packaging featuring specially-commissioned artists’ designs inspired by its unique story, lineage or flavor profile.  

As part of our lineup of signature Green Dot Labs strains, we are excited to introduce you to an instant classic that embodies our passion for the cannabis plant’s endless possibilities. Sex on the Beach (Paradise Island x HSB) is our homage to everything created by love. Its aphrodisiac effects and flavor profile with vivid notes of strawberry, candied pineapple, and coconut bring to mind a Piña Colada sipped on a beachside getaway with someone special. The design featured on the packaging for every .5mL Live Resin Cartridge and Live Badder gram of Sex on the Beach echoes the strain’s romantic island vacation vibe. 

Sex on the Beach Live Resin Cartridges and Live Badder grams are available at select preferred retailers including the following: 

A Cut Above (Denver) 

The Herbal Cure (Denver) 

Kind Love (Denver) 

Medicine Man Nome Street (Denver) 

Northern Lights Sheridan (Denver) 

Groundswell (Denver)  

Vert’s Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins) 

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