Green Dot Labs is in business!

Welcome to Green Dot Labs! This is an exciting time in the medical marijuana industry in Colorado and we are grateful to be part of it. Previously Dave and Alana, the founders of Green Dot Labs, were working professionals and caregivers of medical marijuana on the side, and began the process of getting licensed for the bigger stage in December 2012. In April 2013 we submitted our applications to the city of Boulder and state of Colorado and almost a year later, in March of 2014, we finally have our fine cannabis extracts on store shelves.

We are committed to quality above everything else. The health and beauty of our plants reflects that, as do the processes we use to care for the plants from seed to shatter. It’s not the easiest path that we’ve chosen, but it’s rewarding and true to who we are.

Please use our website to learn more about the cannabis plants & strains that go into making our oils and the various extraction methods we use. As always we value your feedback and questions, so let us know anything that’s on your mind.

With love and gratitude,
Alana & Dave

5 thoughts on “Green Dot Labs is in business!

  1. Congratulations Green Dot Labs. Finally here… GDL is the perfect example of how hard work and dedication makes dreams come true.

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