The Lodge – Yale (REC)

6200 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80222

BLACK LABEL LIVE RESIN CARTRIDGE .5ML (REC): Downshift, Banana Chiffon, Apple Bandz, 707 OG Kush, Pink Froot, Grape Pillow
SILVER LABEL LIVE RESIN CARTRIDGES (.5ML) REC: Gelato, Fruity in Djibouti, Vermouth, Tropsanto, Blue Dream
SILVER LABEL LIVE RESIN CARTRIDGE 1G (REC): Sour Fruit, Banana Kush, Mandarin Z, Disco Sorbet, Garlic Breath, Chemdawg OG
BLACK LABEL LIVE RESIN FLAVORPACKS 2 X .5ML (REC): Sweet and Sour Pack (Grape Pillow/Cherry Lime Soda, SFV Pack (Apple Bandz/707 OG Kush), Funk Pack (A5 Wagyu/iScream)

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