Black Label Live Resin Cartridges (.5g)

Pure, Flavor-Packed Live Resin Dabs on the Go

Discover Colorado’s best-selling pure live resin vape, the half-gram Green Dot Labs Black Label Live Resin Cartridge. Our Live Resin Cartridges contain pure, uncut, distillate-free live resin extracted from whole plants grown in the Black Label garden. Featuring native cannabinoid and terpene ratios from rare and exclusive strains you can’t find anywhere else, Black Label Live Resin Carts offer a pure, intensely flavorful dab on the go, with no distillate, no CO2 oil, no cutting agents, no synthetic ingredients and no fake or added terpenes, and no other additives of any kind.

Half-gram Green Dot Labs Live Resin Cartridges feature borosilicate glass and pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel components to ensure the cleanest, safest vaping experience possible. Unique to our original cartridge is the variable top airflow feature that lets you dial in the size of your draw. The 510-thread cartridge pairs perfectly with our Green Dot Labs-branded variable-temperature battery that heats the delicate live resin to an ideal low temperature. Both the ultra-low temp “sesh mode” and the low (white) settings deliver a terpene-packed pull with less intense effects, while the medium setting offers a balanced combination of flavor and effect. Black Label Live Resin cartridges and batteries are sold separately, making it convenient and cost-effective to experience a wide range of Black Label genetics on the go.

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