Black Label Flower

Our premium Black Label Flower™ comes straight from our gardens and is coveted among cannabis connoisseurs for its wildly flavorful, distinctive terpene profile and exceptionally smooth smoke. Black Label flower is obsessively cultivated, harvested and hand-trimmed at just the right time to deliver pronounced flavor and a heady, powerful high.

Green Dot Labs Black Label Flower drops feature only the most exceptional buds from our grow to ensure the ultimate quality and freshness, with an always-changing selection of the most outstanding cannabis cultivars from our genetic library.

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Experience our 21st Century Hashplants from the Black Label garden in their original, most essential form. Black Label Flower features a constantly rotating selection of exclusive strains from our extensive genetic library. Featured strains will include cornerstone bred-by-GDL branded strains, classic Black Label cultivars, and new favorites from our breeding program.


Our quality in, quality out ethos means that everything starts in the garden, with the outstanding plants we breed and grow with obsessive care and attention to detail.

All of the plants in our Black Label garden are grown with the same exacting standards and proprietary techniques that produce the resin-rich flowers that make our Black Label extracts. Every input and process is carefully calibrated to maximize resin production and showcase each plant’s distinctive terpene and cannabinoid profile. We harvest our flower on the early side, resulting in more pronounced flavor, a euphoric, heady high, and a quicker recovery time post-sesh.

Dali (Headbanger x Candy Cake) Black Label Flower
Thunderdome (Garlic Banger x Candy Cake) Black Label Flower

Cure & Trim

Smoking weed should feel good. Not only for your busy mind, but for your whole body. Our flowers are never exposed to anything but an ideal atmosphere to ensure a clean, smooth burning smoke that tastes amazing to the very last toke. Our flowers are dried slowly in strictly controlled conditions to ensure a perfectly smooth, even-burning smoke. They are then hand-trimmed with extreme care to preserve the abundant resins, prevent bruising and ensure the ideal presentation. The result is an intensely flavorful, ultra-smooth smoke that is easy on the lungs and throat, allowing you to sesh until you’re fully satisfied.

Introducing the Ounce

Experience the ultra-premium cannabis that connoisseurs covet with GDL’s new, ultra-limited Black Label Ounce. Showcasing flower from only our very best harvests, the Ounce is filled with 28 grams of ultra-premium extra-large tops, hand-selected by our cultivation team for their superior quality

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