Black Label Flower Roll

Our first Premium Smokeable offering makes it easier than ever to enjoy the vibrant flavors and intense effects of our exclusive 21st Century Hashplants. Every element and step of our process is designed to preserve the flower at its freshest and deliver a clean, even burn to the last draw.

Featuring a gram of expertly grown, perfectly cured, nug-only cannabis from the GDL garden in a carefully tested, contaminant-free natural paper cone, the Black Label Flower Roll is produced in ideal atmospheric conditions that maintain moisture and quality. Choice buds are carefully ground and filled to ensure optimal airflow, finished with a Dutch crown, and packed in airtight black glass tubes. For a superior sesh experience, keep the Roll’s double seal intact until you’re ready to light up.

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How To Light A Dutch Crown

Our Premium Smokeables are finished with a Dutch crown closure for easy, even lighting. To light the Black Label Flower Roll, hold it in your hand at a 45-degree angle and spark a lighter. Kiss the side of the flame to the corner of the crown’s paper rim and roll it over the edge of the flame to burn away the extra paper. Begin smoking once the crown has fully burned away.

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