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The Highest Quality Cannabis Oil Available

Our sap is an extracted and bonded butane hash oil (BHO) that does not retain the harsh qualities of plant materials and waxes. Our extraction method, which takes place in a medical-grade laboratory, concentrates and retains the full terpene profile of the extracted plant. When you vaporize Green Dot Labs sap, you get the full flavor experience and full medicinal effects of the original cannabis strain.

The product is sometimes quite clear, and other times more amber in color. The malleable texture makes it easy to handle, and convenient for vaporizer pens.

Sap is the reason we do what we do.

The oil for our sap is 99.9% free of Butane, guaranteed. After it is extracted it can spend up to several days in one of our vacuum ovens before reaching the perfect clarity and consistency our customers demand. Our growers and lab techs are perfectionists, and nothing but the best leaves the lab.

We’re always in search of new strains that produce the finest sap, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Look out for big drop announcements on facebook and twitter to get your hands on that one strain you’ve always wanted to try.

Just a dab will do ya! Try some today.

Exquisite Wookie Oil
The pliable consistency makes it easy to handle and convenient for vaporizer pens.
This Tangerine Power cannabis concentrate packs incredible flavor.
Just a dab of this Good Medicine CBD oil will do ya.

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