Advantages of Extracts

Cannabis extracts are often vaporized, as opposed to burnt and smoked, which provides a lower temperature, smoother experience. When consumed via a low-temp dab or in a vaporizer pen, Green Dot Labs extracts amplifies the effects you’re looking for while avoiding the harshness and coughing effects of smoking raw plant material.

Many in the cannabis community have chosen clean, high-quality extracts over smoking flowers, and it’s no mystery why.

Cannabis terpene profiles also translate extraordinarily well using the Green Dot Labs extraction method. The terpene profile of a particular cannabis plant provides its proprietary flavor and medicinal benefits, and when you consume Green Dot Labs hash oil extracts you are getting the over-the-top flavor experience and concentrated medicinal effects of that particular cannabis strain.

Green Dot Labs invites you to try our extracts and provide your own feedback using our Contact page. We are committed to providing marijuana consumers with the highest quality extracts available.

  • Immediate relief
  • Powerful flavor
  • Amplified effects
  • No plant waxes
  • Quality At The Roots
  • Great for vaporizing
  • High terpenoid content
  • High cannabinoid content
  • Smooth taste, never harsh

Concentrates With A Conscience
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