Blü Frōōt Black Label Flower Returns

July 28, 2023

GDL branded original Blü Frōōt (Sex on the Beach x Black and Blue) returns this weekend in the form of…

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Reba Jam Returns this Weekend

July 21, 2023

Phish Dicks is still six weeks away, but with Reba Jam (Jilly 13 x I-95) Black Label Flower dropping this…

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Introducing the Black Label Live Resin Roll: The Best of Black Label in a Sesh-Ready Roll

July 13, 2023

Our dream of sharing the weed we love to grow and smoke with our fellow Colorado connoisseurs came true when…

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Black Label Flower Release 7.8.23: Fortissimo and Dali

July 6, 2023

Experience two of our most intensely flavorful 21st Century Hashplants at their peak with this weekend’s double branded Black Label…

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The Art of Flower: Picasso and Monet Drop This Weekend

July 1, 2023

Light up with creative inspiration as two of our favorite artist-inspired branded strains make their return this weekend.  Picasso (Chem…

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Taste in Color with Pürplē Frōōt, Our Newest Branded Strain

June 23, 2023

Our exploration of the cannabis plant’s fruitiest extremes continues with the branded debut of Pürplē Frōōt (Blü Frōōt x Sticky…

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Triple Threat: Three Black Label Flower Strains Drop This Weekend

June 17, 2023

This week’s Black Label Flower release centers on the first cultivar in our series of ROYGBIV strains, blending the iconic…

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Introducing the Black Label Flower Roll

June 14, 2023

At Green Dot Labs, we’ve set the standard for Live Resin, led the way with Live Resin Cartridges and changed…

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Wagyu Worldwide: A5 Wagyu Returns

June 9, 2023

UPDATE: This post previously stated that Amsterdam ‘97 Black Label Flower was dropping this week. It will actually be included…

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Cherry Lime Soda Black Label Flower Arrives This Weekend

June 2, 2023

This weekend, Cherry Lime Soda (Citradelic Sunset x Cherry Fluff) Black Label Flower is making its much-anticipated return to the…

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