Black Label Experience Tasting Flights

Black Label Experience Tasting Flights are the ideal way to explore our vividly flavorful signature extracts. The flights feature a curated selection of grown and extracted by GDL Black Label concentrates that share a common flavor note (and potentially a common ancestor). For each of our four flights – Floral, Gas, Tropical, and Cocktail – we’ve selected two pairs of uncut .5 mL Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Cartridges with tasting notes that speak to a flavor category.

Black Label Experience Tasting Flights are an ideal way to enjoy cannabis extracts of the highest quality with your friends and family. The connoisseur-level experience will feel familiar to anyone who has enjoyed a tasting of wine, beer, or spirits.

Product “effects” marketed by many cannabis companies to guide consumer choices are inconsistent, if not purely persuasive. Flavor, however, is a simple and deeply personal way to explore the cannabis plant’s essential oils. By letting flavor preference guide consumer choice, we’re offering a more accessible, tangible, and reliable way to experience and enjoy our signature line of extracts.

Black Label Experience Cocktail Tasting Flight



Mai Thai (Sunset Sherbert x Purple Punch)
Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Fuzzy Navel (Jilly 13 x Peach Ozz)
Orange Push-Pop and Peach Daiquiri


Black Label Experience Tropical Tasting Flight




Gunslinger (Starfighter x Stardawg)
Watermelon Gummy Slices, Fresh Ripe Watermelon

Member Berry  (Skunkberry x Mandarin Sunset)
Frankincense, Assorted Berries


Black Label Experience Gas Tasting Flight




Infinity OG (Underdawg OG x I95)
Gas, Earth, Bitter Skunk

Fatso  (GMO x Legend OG)
Dark Roast Coffee, Garlic, Fuel


Black Label Experience Floral Tasting Flight



OZ Kush (Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp)
Sugary Grape, Complex

Screaming Flo-G  (Flo x Screaming OG)
Lilac, Fuel, Earthy


Tasting Guide

The varietals in your Black Label Flight share a common flavor note, though they might otherwise taste and smell very different. Use our simple three-step tasting guide to activate your palate, make the most of your Black Label Tasting Experience and deepen your understanding of the rich, nuanced flavors of full spectrum extracts.


Preferred Retailers

Find your Black Label Experience Tasting Flight at the following retailers.


A Cut Above
Colorado Harvest Company
Den Rec (Bannock & Larimer)
Kind Love
Local Product Of Colorado
Natural Selections
Northern Lights
Peak Dispensary


Boulder Wellness Center
Eclipse Cannabis Company
Green Dream Cannabis


Natural Alternatives for Health


Colorado Cannabis Exchange