February is Original G Month

Every month, Green Dot Labs puts the spotlight on a rare or exclusive varietal from our Black Label Garden. For February, we’re featuring Original G (Lemon G x Daywrecker).

Original G is the result of a collaboration between GDL Co-Founder Dave Malone and Colorado breeder Cannarado back in the day. They reversed the sex on Dave’s Lemon G and extracted pollen then used to make feminized hybrids. Daywrecker (Chem ’91 x Super Skunk x NL) was Dave’s first target for breeding.

The most balanced representation of Lemon G13 and Daywrecker made the final cut, featuring the complex gas and lemon rind flavor palate that has made Original G a staple in our Black Label lineup since it was introduced. The plant is highly productive, yielding large, greasy, lemon-scented flowers.

Like almost all lemon-forward dabs, Original G has energizing effects that make it a great pick to start your day.

Green Dot Labs is highlighting this citrusy, diesel-soaked classic with a full Black Label lineup, including FSE, Live Badder, and .5 mL FSE Carts.

Find Original G at one of our retail partners listed here, and share your tasting experience on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @greendotlabsboulder with hashtag #OriginalGMonth.

Original G Retailers


A Cut Above


The Clinic on Colfax

Den Rec (Larimer)

Diego Pellicer

Doctor’s Orders (38th)

The Giving Tree

Good Chemistry (Broadway, Colfax, and Aurora) 

The Herbal Cure

Kind Love


Life Flower Dispensary

Lightshade (Sheridan)

Local Product of Colorado

The Kind Room


Mile High Green Cross

Natural Selections

Nature’s Kiss

Medicine Man (Denver & Thornton)

Pig n Whistle

Starbuds (Louisville)

Whole Meds

Boulder + North

Bud Depot

Eclipse Cannabis Company (Boulder)

The Growing Kitchen (Boulder)

Harvest House (Nederland)

Medicine Man (Longmont)

The Peaceful Choice (Boulder)

Vert’s Neighborhood Dispensary (Fort Collins)


Emerald Fields (Manitou Springs)

San Juan Strains (Pagosa Springs)

Pagosa Craft Cannabis (Pagosa Springs)


Best Day Ever (Aspen)

Billo (Steamboat Springs)


The Greenery

Soma Wellness (Gunnison)

STS9 x GDL: The Gobnugget Pen Limited Release & Golden Ticket Giveaway


Last summer, Green Dot Labs had the opportunity to collaborate with one of our favorite bands, the legendary instrumental collective STS9, on our Artifact Edition Limited Release 

STS9 is coming back to Colorado for Winter Tour dates in Telluride and Aspen, and we’re celebrating with our second collaboration. The band’s constant creative exploration has always inspired us, and we’re honoring that spirit of growth and discovery by creating something totally new: our first live resin pen. 


The Gobnugget  Pen  Limited Release and Golden Ticket Giveaway drops in select dispensaries across Colorado on January 25 just in time for STS9’s Winter Tour concert series at Club Red in Telluride (Jan. 31) and Belly Up in Aspen (Feb. 1-3). The limited release offers an exclusive first look at our Black Label live resin pen line, which will launch this March.   


For our first pen, we channeled the expansive vibe of STS9’s classic, funky live jam “Gobnugget.” Gobnugget combines two intense, terpene-rich Black Label varietals: Citradelic Sunset (Ghost Train Haze x Mandarin Sunset) and Bottlewash (Wookie x OZ Kush). These varietals come together to create a psychedelic flavor profile with unexpected, balanced notes of lavender, lime, and grape soda.  


The Gobnugget Pen is filled with uncut, distillate- and additive-free live resin, with native terpene and cannabinoid ratios and a full-spectrum profile. Our first pen, and all of our Black Label pens to come, will be grown and extracted here at our facility in Boulder. We’re proud to offer you this easy new way to enjoy the exceptionally pure, intensely flavorful Black Label experience.  


The Gobnugget Limited Release Pen is sold as a 500mg cartridge and battery set in a special edition, black-and-gold box that we designed with STS9. We’re only releasing 1,000 pens, and you can find them at A Cut Above and Kind Love in Denver, The Honey Cellar in Boulder, Silverpeak Apothecary in Aspen, and Rocky Mountain High in Durango. 


This time around, our Golden Ticket Giveaway will be bigger and better than ever: 

  • In Aspen and Durango, one box will hold a Golden Ticket for two tickets to STS9’s local Winter Tour shows at Club Red in Telluride on Jan. 31 or Belly Up in Aspen on Feb. 1. 
  • In Denver and Boulder, a Golden Ticket winner will score a Mission Control Pack, a special collection of limited-edition STS9 gear including a Sound Device synth and a Golden Record medallion.


And, for the first time, we’re offering everyone who purchases the Limited Release the opportunity to be part of the experience with a free download to STS9’s Real & Imagined New Year run.  

It’s been an honor to collaborate with our friends at STS9 for the second time. We hope you love our first pen as much as we do. Thanks for being with us on this journey and enjoy the show!  

Green Dot Labs Black (Label) Friday


What better way to recover from Thanksgiving than with an extra helping of nectar?


Thanksgiving is coming up, and we’re doing something new to celebrate the launch of our rec Black Label Nectar line. Black (Label) Friday is our first-ever Black Friday promotion, and our first special offer on Green Dot Labs’ most coveted line of fine cannabis extracts.

This offer starts on Thursday, November 23 – visit one of our Black (Label) Friday retailers to participate!


When you purchase four grams of any MED or REC Black Label Nectar, you’ll receive one half gram of special reserve Black Label Nectar, plus a custom GDL dab mat on us.


When you purchase five grams of Silver Label, you’ll receive one gram of Silver Label free.

We have a lot to be grateful for this year, and this is our way of saying thank you to our most loyal patients and customers. We couldn’t do what we do without you.


Black (Label) Friday will run from Thursday, November 23 to Monday, November 27, while supplies last. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for the latest promo details.


In addition to Black (Label) Friday, we’re dropping our second round of limited-edition Black Label Nectar baseball cards. Customers who purchase a gram of rec Black Label Nectar at one of our preferred retailers will score one of the latest cards in the series, which showcase a flower shot, and the lineage and flavor profiles of some of our favorite GDL varietals.

Participating retailers include the following. Contact your favorite store for up-to-date info on availability.


DENVER: A Cut Above (med and rec), AllGreens (med), Colorado Harvest Company S. Broadway (med and rec), Colorado Harvest Company Yale (rec), Kind Love (med and rec), Life Flower Dispensary (rec), Kind Meds (med), Northern Lights Cannabis Co. Alameda (rec), Standing Akimbo (med), The Herbal Center 37th Ave. (rec)

COLORADO SPRINGS: Grow Life (med), Rocky Mountain Medical (med)

NEDERLAND: Harvest House (rec)

PUEBLO: Doctor’s Orders (med and rec)


Tuatara Capital Invests $3.3 Million into Colorado Extracts Producer Green Dot Labs


Strategic and Financial Partnership Strengthens Premium Operator’s Leadership in High-Growth Concentrate Market

DENVER, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Green Dot Labs, a Boulder, Colo.-based producer of fine cannabis extracts, announced today the closing of its Series A round with a $3.3 million lead investment from Tuatara Capital, L.P.

Tuatara Capital’s strategic partnership with Green Dot Labs reflects a shared commitment to innovation and integrity in the cannabis sector.


“To date, Green Dot Labs has focused on developing quality-driven indoor cultivation and extraction methodologies and delivering high-end products to the Colorado market. Tuatara shares our commitment to producing quality cannabis products as well as our vision for innovation and regulatory leadership.We are confident that our partnership with Tuatara will support our company in reaching its full potential as a leader and standard-bearer in cannabis and concentrate production.”

-Alana Malone, CEO & Cofounder of Green Dot Labs


Concentrates are currently the fastest-growing product segment in the cannabis industry, occupying the #2 share position overall. In 2016, recreational sales in this category reached combined sales of $498.8 million and grew by 83.9% in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Within this fast-growing market segment, Green Dot Labs is a name that represents long-term leadership in premium extract production. Since its founding in 2014, the company has established a strong reputation among dispensaries and patients for its connoisseur-grade extracts. Black Label Nectar, Green Dot Labs’ top-selling product line, features an unmatched variety of proprietary genetics cultivated using advanced horticultural practices.

Beyond the capital investment, Green Dot Labs’ partnership with Tuatara will provide them with a cannabis-focused strategic advisor and the ability to leverage Tuatara’s deep network of relationships. The Series A funding will primarily be used to optimize Green Dot Labs’ cultivation and extraction operating platform within Colorado. Cultivation is now underway at Green Dot Labs’ new, state-of-the-art grow facility that automates proven cultivation methods and sets the stage for Co-Founder David Malone to expand the company’s research and development in genetics, advanced cultivation practices, and solvent-based extraction. A new extraction lab, slated for completion in early October, will help to significantly expand production capacity while maintaining the company’s exacting standards. The new cultivation and extraction lab will support increased production and the development of proprietary genetics showcased in the company’s expanded, premium Black Label Nectar line. Long a favorite among Colorado’s medical cannabis connoisseurs, Black Label Nectar will make its anticipated debut in Colorado’s adult-use market in October 2017.

In addition to supporting the build-out of Green Dot Labs’ new facilities, Tuatara’s investment will help to secure strategic intellectual property and facilitate new market expansion. The new facilities will allow Green Dot Labs to meet existing demand for their connoisseur-grade concentrates and capture additional revenue opportunities with new product categories.


“In a highly-competitive concentrates market, Green Dot Labs has distinguished itself through its relentless pursuit of excellence. The founders have spent years perfecting their craft, and these efforts have driven Green Dot Labs’ peerless product quality in a market where the demand for high-caliber concentrates is stronger than ever. We look forward to building on Green Dot Labs’ strong foundation to further support innovation, growth, and new market expansion.”

-Al Foreman, Partner at Tuatara Capital, L.P.


About Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs is Colorado’s leading producer of fine cannabis extracts. Founded in 2014, the family-owned-and-operated company is based in Boulder, Colo. and was the first in Colorado to build safe indoor hydrocarbon extraction facilities. With proprietary, highly sought-after genetics and exceptionally potent, clean, and flavorful whole-plant extracts, Green Dot Labs has inspired a passionate following among discriminating cannabis retailers, patients, and consumers.

About Tuatara Capital

Tuatara Capital, L.P. is a specialized alternative investment manager founded in 2014 to focus on the legal cannabis industry. Tuatara manages over $107 million in cannabis-focused assets and is currently investing in market-leading companies that are well-positioned to benefit from the long-term growth trends of the legal cannabis industry. Tuatara’s investment philosophy revolves around partnerships with innovative entrepreneurs and great management teams to help build high-growth companies. For more information, visit www.tuataracapital.com.

Original press release: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/green-dot-labs-announces-strategic-partnership-with-tuatara-capital-300518100.html

STS9 + Green Dot Labs Artifact Edition Limited Release: An Ode to Preservation and Change 

Hi all! Dave here, writing from the Green Dot Labs Cultivation HQ…


Alana and I have been following the legendary instrumental collective Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) for years. STS9 has a special way of creating jazzy electronic dreamscapes that are the perfect soundtrack for exploration. That feeling of discovery is part of their live shows too. We’ve been attending their shows since the early 2000s, and never miss the chance to see them when they make their way to Colorado.


A couple years ago, a mutual friend told Alana and me that our favorite band happened to love our Black Label extracts. It was exciting to realize that we shared an explorative spirit – Green Dot Labs is driven by a desire to advance the way humans experience cannabis.  We embrace new technologies and take deep journeys into genomics that lead to new interpretations of classic strains. STS9’s approach, with its relentless creativity and commitment to pushing boundaries, is much like our own.


I believe that music and cannabis live a truly harmonious existence. As we formed a friendship with STS9, we knew we wanted to explore this timeless connection together. With the band’s “Celebration of the First 20 Years” at Red Rocks this month, we realized we had the perfect opportunity to collaborate. We took our inspiration from a legendary STS9 album that has been a soundtrack to my life, Artifact. Inspired by the double vinyl re-release of this “ode to preservation and change,” we chose two limited releases that are, like the album itself, timeless classics.


For Vol. 1, we selected an OG Kush blend (Ghost + Hells Angels). Vol. 2 is a Chemdog blend (Chem4 + Stardawg). The Chemdog and OG families are vintage heirlooms of American cannabis culture. They withstand the test of time, and after decades of careful preservation, they remain among the most beloved of all cannabis varietals.


Both varietals share a legendary lineage. Chemdog and OG Kush are hybrids that mash up Afghani landraces—high altitude hash plants that enjoy intense UV rays from the sun. If you look up the pedigree of any potent cannabis (more than 20% THC), you will likely find Afghani hash plant ancestry.


Chemdogs and OGs are very high in THC and their voluptuous trichomes contain a high concentration of lipids. These lipids enhance the flavors and provide a mouth-coating feel and lingering finish. Because of their shared pedigree, these varietals both have savory profiles with notes of crude petroleum and that smell you get when you crack open a fresh can of tennis balls.


It’s been an honor to collaborate with STS9. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do. And don’t forget that there’s a golden ticket in one of those grams that will bring a lucky winner and a guest to Red Rocks for a pre-show dinner with the band and backstage access on Sept. 9! We can’t wait to see you all under the stars at Red Rocks this weekend.


– Dave Malone, Co-Founder of Green Dot Labs