Our Lab

The extraction process

Our extraction method ensures the same care for quality as our growing practices. We freeze the cannabis to preserve its flavor and medicinal qualities and then run the full plant, in strain-specific batches, through a closed loop extractor. After reclaiming the gases used in the process, we purge the product of any residual gas particles for 48-72 hours, or even longer if necessary.

Green Dot Labs cares about the safety of its employees as well as the environment. We worked extensively with a certified industrial hygienist and professional engineer to design our state-of-the-art laboratory in which we perform our hash oil extractions. Our system is closed-loop, and all of the hydrocarbon gases used in the process are reclaimed, meaning zero gases are released into the working space or environment, and the gases are reused again and again.

Each component of our lab is cleaned immaculately before every run.
Our pristine flowers curing before extraction.
Green Dot's lab techs showing off their lab swag.

No other cannabis extract company has the same commitment to personnel safety and environmental responsibility.

Additionally, to comply with the city of Boulder’s marijuana business requirements, Green Dot Labs offsets 100% of its facility’s gas and electricity use with wind credits.

Quality in. Quality out.

Fine cannabis extracts begin with fine cannabis flowers.

Medical marijuana for BHO extract.
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